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About the Posh Frenchies

Posh Frenchie Club is a collection of unique Frenchie NFT’s living the posh life on the Ethereum blockchain.

Frenchies are a fun-loving, mischievous breed and they hold a special place in our hearts.  Our posh Frenchie is based on our sweet boy, Louis, but we realize that all dogs are special. We want to use this project to show our love for not only Frenchies, but for every dog.

In the United States alone over 3,000,000 dogs end up at animal shelters every year and of those almost 400,000 are euthanized.  Only 23% of shelter dogs get adopted. We want to help get more of these dogs adopted.  We are connecting the digital world with the real world by partnering with several dog rescue organizations (see our Partners section). Donations will be made to these partners at certain milestones of the project (check out our Roadmap). We will also work with our community to find homes for dogs in need.  Join our club to help us make a difference.

Dogs Rescued

We will work with our community and our dog rescue partners to help find rescue dogs their forever home!


On what blockchain are the Posh Frenchie Club hosted?

Posh Frenchie Club is an Ethereum-based ERC-721 token.

How can I buy a Posh Frenchie Club NFT?

The collection can be purchased here on our website by clicking the MINT BUTTON above.

Are Posh Frenchie Club NFT’s hand-drawn or generated?

All Posh Frenchies and their traits are hand-drawn. The collection is created by randomly combining these traits making each NFT unique with its own rarity ranking.


Meet our partners. Three amazing dog rescue organizations working tirelessly to help save dogs. As we meet our minting goals, Posh Frenchie Club will donate to these groups to aid in their efforts. We also plan to share their needs with our Discord community to assist in finding homes for our furry friends and explore more ways to get involved.

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando is Central Florida’s oldest and largest nonprofit animal shelter. Each year, more than 5,000 homeless dogs and cats receive shelter and care at Pet Alliance before finding their new home. In addition to sheltering, Pet Alliance works to develop progressive and innovative programs that help keep pets and people together. This work would not be possible without the generous support of animal lovers like you. Pet Alliance believes that happy, healthy pets and their families create more caring communities.

Big Dog Ranch Rescue

Big Dog Ranch Rescue is the largest, cage-free, no-kill dog rescue in the United States. Since being founded in 2008, Big Dog Ranch Rescue has saved the lives of more than 48,500 dogs. Our mission is to save 5,000 dogs every year, to heal and place them with loving families and to educate people about the proper care for dogs and the importance of spaying and neutering. Through education, legislation and sterilization our goal is to end dog homelessness.

Sochi Dogs

Sochi Dogs is a unique rescue organization saving stray and abandoned dogs. We believe every dog needs a human and work around the world to rehabilitate and find families for homeless dogs. We adopt dogs in the US, Canada, the UK and throughout Europe. Join us, and together we can make the suffering of stray dogs history. We are currently looking for adopters and flight volunteers. Visit to learn more.

The Roadmap

1,000 Sold

  • $15k to dog rescue organizations
  • Free entry to events hosted by Studio 23 and more!

Phase 2

  • An additional $50k to dog rescue organizations
  • Dog friendly meet and greet with Louis, the inspiration of Posh Frenchie Club at a dog adoption event

Phase 3

  • An additional $50k to dog rescue organizations
  • Launch of Posh Frenchie Club merch

Sold Out


  • An additional $100k to dog rescue organizations
  • Release of 1/1 Posh Frenchies
  • Celebrate at our fundraising event with one of our dog rescue partners. Auctions and $50k in giveaways to be decided by our community

The Team


(The Artist)

The artist and designer of our Posh Frenchie. Talented across several mediums, always exploring and creating. 



People connector and promoter. Networking and collaborating for success.


(General Manager)

Behind the scenes organizer and administrator.  Focusing on details and keeping project moving.

Exclusive NFT Sponsor of the Conventions Company LLC

Design & Technical Collaboration
Brian Stewart, Vortex UX